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A great explanation as to why everyone is pissed off by  dubiousculturalartifact 




If a female character kicks ass, she’s overpowered. If a female character can’t defend herself, she’s unnecessary. If a female character acts nice, she’s boring. If a female character acts mean, she’s a bitch. If a female character shows no emotion, she’s heartless. If a female character shows emotion, she’s weak. What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly?

You must write for Supernatural

I feel like Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester would be best friends.

Dean: So you're Chosen too, huh?
Buffy: Yep. A bunch of old men played God a zillion years ago, and here I am.
Dean: I know that feel.
Buffy: Oh well. It could be worse. I kind of enjoy killing things.
Dean: It's really good stress relief. If only we could just stick with killing monsters, right?
Buffy: I know. One day it's "kill vampires", the next you're sacrificing yourself for your younger sibling.
Dean: And then they bring you back from the dead!
Buffy: You too, huh?
Dean: Crawled my way out of a grave.
Buffy: Sucks, doesn't it?
Dean: And then I got back to find out that the person closest to me was doing sketchy, addicting things to become more powerful, all in the name of the greater good.
Buffy: Let me guess, he tried to start an apocalypse?
Dean: Not TRIED to start so much as-- wait, how'd you know?
Buffy: Been there, done that. Man, next thing you'll tell me someone close to you lost their soul and tried to kill people you loved.
Dean: Dude. This is eerie. Next thing you'll be telling me you have a red-headed computer-hacking lesbian unofficial sister.
Buffy: ...um....
Dean: .....Are you my alternate universe parallel?
Buffy: No, the only alternate universe I've been in, they told me my life was all fiction. And not even good fiction.
Dean: ...We should hang out.
Buffy: Definitely.
Dean: Decapitate some vampires.
Buffy: Sounds good.
Dean: Are you seeing anyone?
Buffy: No, but I'm not over this guy in a big coat who I hated for a while and was an enemy but then came over to our side because he fell in love with me, and then later he betrayed me and it was awful, but then he really did feel bad about it and tried and make up for it and he died saving the world but then came back only he never calls me.
Dean: .....
Buffy: .....


Oh my God, part 2.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam and Dean would take one look at Night Vale and burn it to the ground, civilians be damned.

i’ve come to the conclusion sam and dean would drive into night vale and spontaneously combust from being exposed to sexual and racial diversity and women who don’t die within a week


Wow what the fuck do you have against Jared? (Not to sound offensive swearing is a large feature in my vocabulary)
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+ the three times he’s publicly thrown a fit over airlines instead of contacting them privately and professionally, among other things.

Since you asked.

+ SPN fandom, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pay andythanfiction money to do anything, and ESPECIALLY DO NOT GO WITH HIM TO A FUCKING LARP RETREAT








1) Andrew Blake, aka andythanfiction, has a very long history of being unable to safely maneuver reality and fantasy play in ways that don’t wind up fucking hurting the people around him.

2) He’s also a known con artist and a cult leader. As in, he was arrested for identity fraud, indicted in Oregon for operating a fraudulent charity, and legally ordered never to conduct any charity operations in the state again.


10 years of Fandom Wank" - the 2nd item on the list gives you an overview of Andrew Blake, aka thanfiction, nee Amy Player and Victoria Bitter and Jordan Wood, as a con artist.

How Scientology resembles a broken role-playing game" and "How Scientology resembles a broken role-playing game, p 2" — both of these articles discuss Andrew Blake’s role as a cult leader.

He has been described this way in numerous times and contexts by other fans who have been involved in intense roleplay scenarios with him. One of these fans/roommates/partners, Abbey Stone, has written in terrifying terms about how Andy’s influence over her nearly got her killed after they wound up trying to walk across the Canadian border in the dead of winter in sub-freezing temperatures.

Operation Catch and Release: Part 1 and Part 2 - if you only read a single link make it this 2-parter. 


3) I don’t know Andy personally. I’ve always tried to be wary but give him the benefit of the doubt re: his oft-stated attempts to change. But if you’re really sincere about addressing a problem where the repeated schematics involve you starting fucking RPGs that involve people a) paying you money for scams and b) doing weird shit with you in remote locations, you don’t keep starting RPGs that require people to pay you money in order to do weird shit in remote locations. If Andy Blake is sincere about changing he should not be putting himself in environments where he can roleplay fictional characters and influence other people to do so, too.

4) Seriously this shit is like an alcoholic known for getting drunk and trashing other people’s houses (and not paying them back for the damage) telling you for years they want to change and then making a post announcing they want to throw a party at their neighborhood liquor store and can you all pay him $100 for the cover charge?

5) Look, people, LARPing is really fucking intense just as it is. It’s basically like doing an untrained acting retreat where there’s no stage so you don’t always no when to hit the ‘off’ button. If you’re going to LARP safely you need to be surrounded by people who have a firm grasp on reality. Andrew Blake has a very long, extremely well-documented history of blurring that line, in one case deliberately in order to pursue a financial scam. He also has a track record for extremely intense LARPing that blurs the line between “group social activity” and “mini-cult led out of Andy’s bedroom.”

6) This is a dangerous fucking thing that Andrew Blake is asking and you should. not. do it. Spread the word, SPN fandom. Do not let him do this to you. Don’t let him do it to your friends. Don’t let him do it to your fandom. Don’t let him do it to himself. Just. Don’t fucking let him do it.

Ooooh, Jordan Wood is STILL GOING STRONG? Holy shit, AVOID AVOID AVOID. Serious levels of Batshit. Google him.

Holy shit, this person is still OUT THERE? JFC.

Wait what? STILL?! You are fucking kidding me?

And even this damning write-up buries the lede.

A few years ago, Andrew Blake encouraged his girlfriend Brittany Quinn to file court actions against her ex over money and ownership of their house. (According to Quinn’s father, “Andrew was always whispering in her ear when she had a conversation with anyone else while he was there and had a weird control over her.”)

In 2011, the ex came to the house and shot and killed Brittany Quinn, roommate Anthony Chambers, and himself. “Andrew Blake, 27, who had locked himself in a bedroom, was shot in the foot after Eisenberg fired through the door.”

Andrew then started a charity supposedly in Quinn’s memory which solicited donations for a hike to “raise awareness” about domestic violence… this despite the fact that in previous fits of remorse he had claimed he would never get involved in charity again after the Bit Of Earth “Tentmoot” failed convention fiasco.

If the many links above are daunting, here’s a relatively concise survey of much of the damage Andrew Blake has done over the past 10+ years.

This is the very last person anyone should get involved with for… probably any reason, but DEFINITELY not for roleplay, not with his history of “channeling" various characters to suck people into his drama— and his drama has a way of costing people dearly.


I’d been in fandom for years by the time it all went down in Fandom Wank, and I’d never seen anything like it before. I hope I never will again, because it stopped being something anyone can comfortably laugh at a long, long time ago.

For the love of the universe, young ‘uns, please learn from our mistakes and do not give money to andythanfiction.





This took time it’s my day off and I get angry easily. Don’t come on anon and moan at me, superwholock has been my whole life nothing you say with convince me that these shows are degrading anyone.

PraIse the part about DW. 
Especially the 5th slide. 



Wow, look at someone missing the point completely. 

You can love a thing and still see it’s faults. And “stop whining” is the most immature way to try to kill every discussion. 

How about: You let people still express their critical thinking and just ignore it? If it is so meaningless to you it has absolutely no impact on your life. If you think if destroys your precious shows for you than newsflash: that’s because the shows you watch ARE sexist. And your arguments have been refuted god knows how many times on tumblr alone already. 

Meanwhile: Sexism is institutionalized and a real problem in storytelling almost everywhere. WE DO NOT COMPLAIN BECAUSE WE HAT DOCTOR WHO OR SUPERNATURAL, WE COMPLAIN BECAUSE WE LOVE THESE SHOWS. Get that? 

But hey, if you close your eyes really, really hard you can continue to ignore all problematic things. But don’t you dare to try and police critical thinking. 

SPN Season 1: A demon, how do we deal with such a powerful thing?
SPN Season 8: *Stabbing their way through a small army of demons to chat with the King of Hell.*










I’m pretty sure Death and Rory are on a first name basis by now…

Dude, Death is just chillin at home, and Rory will just barge in, shout”I DID IT AGAIN.” Then he’ll grab a soda from the fridge and sit next to Death on the sofa and Death will catch him up on everything that’s happened in the hours since they last saw each other.

Death/Rory = Brotp


it was the ‘hours’ that got me XD the ‘hours’ since they last saw each other XD *lol*

When Rory finally dies for real he’s gonna walk in with Amy and say, “Hey death, I brought my wife this time!”
“Rory, what are you doing?”
“Oh, is this Amy?” says Death, standing up from the couch. “I must say, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I hope you’ve had a good long life?” and then he and Rory do a man hug full of back slapping and Death’s like “You know where the sodas are.”

I’m sorry but, “you know where the sodas are”