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Day 13: Your favourite song from your favourite album - Moon from the Album Love Songs

A bit about that: Since I started listening to Love Songs it became my favourite Album of Ayu in no time. And my favourite song - well, it evolved. First it was the title track - Love Song. Brilliant song that instantly gets me into a good mood. And I really like the lyrics. and especially the acoustic version from the Power of Music Tour. After that I was sure that Last Angel would be my favourite. It just has this unique Ayu quality. After that I really got into Like a Doll. That was the only song I skipped over in the beginning because at first I didn’t like the piano intro. Aaaaand after that I really liked Virgin Road, basically because of the awesome performance in the Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour. And finally I arrived at Moon. And I can’t even really say what it is about this song… It’s just perfect. The lyrics are touching, the live performances excellent, the melody is really something that gets stuck in your head and the Orchestra Version of it sealed the deal. I love everything about this song. But then again - the same could be said about the whole Album. 

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    One of my favourite songs and just fell in love with it the first time I heard it
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