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Jessica’s official statement completely confirms that they have screwed her over.

I stand by my suspicion that they promised her the world so she would sign another contract because she probably would have left otherwise. And once they had her they pulled the plug.

It happened before. It is a total SM thing to do. And it is basically contract fraud. Good lord, I hope she has the energy to sue the fuck out of them.

im super angry on everyone's behalf and so pissed about other sm fandoms like elf being like "lol not our problem" when it WAS our problem and the same could fucking happen to us, but more importantly because of basic compassion. anyways... dunno if youre in the mood for updates but i just posted about tyler kwon clarifying that they're not engaged. at least someone said something for her. now the idiots that blamed her for daring to fall for someone will have to find something even weaker...
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What gets me is the amount of people hating on him…

Like, they don’t want to be upset at the other 8 so their focusing all their anger on him or what? At least he stood by her until now, publicly, and supports her. Whether as a boyfriend or close friend and business partner I don’t even care. But the fandom is ridiculous here.

And yes, this could be “our problem” regardless in what fandom you are. If anything, SNSD was probably THE group where even non-fans were quite convinced that no one would leave anytime soon. To think that anyone is above that is really short sighted.

And especially SM fandoms should be understanding here. At least the shawols and f(x) fans on my dash seem appropriately worried. Bc SM’s track record this year has gotten like, ten time worse than the last 3 years combined?



I got to episode 6 or 7…pandas nagging is annoying as fuck but there were parts i liked. Weirdly enough my fucking boyfriend watched all of them…so youll be in interesting company ahaha

now at episode 5 .. yeah that can get a lil bit annoying..but tbh there’s always anything in dramas that annoys me..sooo

I felt her nagging got a lot better in later episodes when the relationship drama is done. (Ep 9 or so I think). After that it focuses on the friendship of the three mains - and that was just beautiful.

I am in too deep...

friend: hey, you like kpop so help me out here: there was this twitter article about a boyband...
me: ok, and?
friend: who is the hot one with the voice and the nose?
me: Woohyun
friend: you know it is almost scary that you know whom I meant from that description...

god what would I give for some happy, fluffy quality fanfiction right now.


I will forever find ways to cop out of actually drawing hair.

It’s basically just a blob.

What's on october third?
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german national day

it’s like fourth of july, except we do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING



*becomes educated on issues and learns not to use slurs* *literally everyone u come in contact with uses said slurs and u cringe*