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Wigs from Tokyo Dolls  

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Henry Lau / You, Fantastic epi.5  (must watch!!)

Really, watch this!
3 minutes that will amaze you musically.

when the plan to win over coolio doesn’t work

Kangin making Jackson feel like a little girl (≧▽≦)

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JYJ concept(?) (cr as tagged)


JYJ concept(?) (cr as tagged)

Hi, this is re: your Hyuna post. The banana and ape are actually references to a children's chant which is used in the song's lyrics. ("Monkey's butt is red/ red is banana/banana is delicious") Agree about the dancer being exotifiied seeing as he only shows up in the "Egyptian set".
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Jesus fucking Christ these oppalogists literally have zero critical thinking skills.

Man i usually agree with you on things like this but this time you might be a bit off base. The banana is a loose reference to the song lyrics which are indeed based off a Korean children’s chant that was created in like the 1930s i think. However it has another purpose that isn’t linked to anti-blacknees imo.

If we watch the vid we can see there are 3 main probs in it a banana, monkey (apes as well) and lipstick. The lipstick and the banana are supposed to be a phallic symbols obvi put there for the male gaze. This is done all the time in the entertainment industry with women artists showing touching, stroking, posing on, and straddling some kind of phallic structure that will have guys thinking ‘ohh she’d touch my d*ck like that.’ Its a trope thats been used for years (and tbh its a bit boring but i digress.)

This type of imagery is all through out the video.


I make the association between the lipstick and the banana in this way bc stuff like this shows up all the time in other female artists videos from around the world. For example: Rihanna and her pink tank in the ‘hard’ video. Notice how she is sitting on the ‘shaft’ of the tank rather than the area where she would be controlling it, this is obviously done to represent a phallic image. 


Now if we look the banana in Hyuna’s mv from that perspective it makes sense bc Hyuna is always seen with one of the two phallic symbols through out most of the video.

When it comes to the black dancer being exotified u are right he is being exotified and that is quite sus, however some of the things u said in the post regarding his association with the monkeys and bananas are a harder argument to support and this is why. 

Firstly he wasn’t  in the same space as with the monkeys, the exotification of him is separate from the animalistic imagery. Hyuna seems to be the one who is being associated with the apes and monkeys as the song and this visual has undertones of ‘primal animal sexuality’ that are always in relation to Hyuna and other bodies (mostly female) but never that black man. We see this shown when they have multiple scantily clad bodies with animal heads on (none of which seem to be black ppl and i hope none of them are.)


In fact that one black dancer only appears in the ‘Egyptian’ scene. Now again that is really problematic because its appropriation and tokenizing within its self. But it shouldn’t be confused with the imagery that is supposed to be linked to Hyuna. That imagery more deals with the use of these tropes to amp up the ‘sexy’ factor of the song and mv. The ideal of women having the sexual prowess of an animal is something that has been long used in media to oversimplify and repackage female sexuality for the male gaze. 

Tbh I think that is more evident than anti-blackness via bananas and monkeys in this particular mv (not to say there is no issue with how the black man codes.)  This mv seems to give off a ‘sexy woman=animal and not a person’ vibe over everything else.  There is anti-blackness via exotification, there is also obvious cultural appropriation. But the old fashion ‘anti-blackness via animalistic imagery’ argument you are making is hard to find. We can call out anti-blackness in kpop and its a good thing to do so, but its best we do it in the way its occurring as to keep the argument strong. 

Another thing about your post is this statement:

"black dancer dancing in a totally fetishized and exotified manner dressed with a leopard skin bandana around his head"

The issue with this is the guy wasn’t wearing a leopard scarf as you suggested, its an embroidered looking desgin of some kind. (at best its probably trying to make him look ‘exotic’ adding to the exotification factor which is a whole another problem but in any event it isn’t leopard or any other kind of animal print for that matter)



Now Hyuna and some of her dancers was wearing a snakeskin print multiple times in the mv (once again to liken sexy women to animals) but no type of animal print it was ever on the black dancer.


Lastly there was more than one black person in the video and she is also never in the same scenes as the bananas or the monkeys.

She only appears as a posing woman in the background of the white scenes.





I am pointing this out to support my stance that this video isn’t associating black people with animals. It seems to be more about animalistic association with Hyuna’s sexuality and female sexuality in general. If they wanted to they could have easily had the black woman or the black man in any of the scenes that had animal vibes but they did not. Since your post seemed to present the issues of this video to be centered around anti-blackness via animalistic association I feel it was a bit misinforming (though well meaning). 

All in all I totally get why you saw the video had problems bc it does, its just some of the things you were pointing out weren’t rly correlating to the messages in the video. Also there are some issues in the video which you failed to point out like what it says about female sexuality.

I am all for calling out idols (ive done it myself from time to time) and I fully see there is anti-blackness in kpop, I make no excuses for it. I did a bit of research, tried to be as critical as I could while trying to remain as as unbiased as possible. I came to the conclusion that im rly only here for Hyuna’s weave and makeup in the video (the rest of it was kinda cacophonous much like the song but thats just my lil green onion)

Im not a ‘oppaoligist’ as I have never excused any of the messed up things in this video. Im not tryin to attack u or anything like that. I just think you made some miscalculations in this one instance with your analysis of this particular video thats all. 


modern Hogwarts headcanon

muggleborn sixth years jumping from moving staircase to moving staircase shouting “PARKOUR”

Jackson’s body roll from ep.1