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wow, they just sentenced someone to jail with NO EVIDENCE on the account of one single cop and even said that “letting him go free wouldn’t have sent an impaction warning message”. All in public, on record! Are you fucking kidding me?

Because apparently being a dedicated left-wing politics supporter and demonstrating for your rights and against war is crime enough…

darknessatnoona replied to your post “waiting for “fans” to flip shit over the fact that Donghae asked Sehun…”

i just read sehun’s ig got hacked?

as far as I know it didn’t? He told people off on IG for hacking stuff earlier though. and later posted Donghae’s message for him about DH’s new account, and some people took that as proof he got hacked but that is indeed DH’s new account and Eunhyuk posted the same thing.





I haven’t posted progress in a million years. The chain suit is finished. All I have left is finishing the leather and casting the elf ears.

You did Merrill’s full-body chain?! It looks amazing, how did you do it? It must have taken SO much time and work! Err, I should ask, is it ok to reblog this? I just wanted my followers to see it.

Thanks:D Rebloging is fine. Your followers can also see my bathroom:D

It’s taken about 2 years. There are 20,000 aluminum rings (I think it was 16 gauge but I don’t remember.) The instructions for making the sleeves and making it fitted come from here http://homepage.ntlworld.com/trevor.barker/farisles/guilds/armour/mail.htm I also used the pants pattern from the Armor Archive. http://www.armourarchive.org/essays/book__practical_chainmail/practical_chainmail.shtml

I am reblogging this version too so my followers can see it and spread it like wild fire, this took two years of sticking to it and pure dedication

I have literally never seen something more badass, I’m like in cosplay tears over it and I remember you starting this forever ago and I remember liking it back then too. It is amazing to see and I hope I get to see pictures of the final product.

Seriously well done. Oh my frick.

+ Cannot believe we live in a world where a fictional spy can’t be black, but Abraham Lincoln can be a vampire hunter.


And also an abolitionist.

haekass everyone tbh. I remember last time reading from actual eunhae fans that were bashing Sehun and from exo fans that were bashing Donghae… bub yay, more popcorn!

waiting for “fans” to flip shit over the fact that Donghae asked Sehun to post something for him… *insertpopcorngif*

you know it’s gonna happen…


i’ve noticed that a lot of people confuse “respects women” with “respects women they consider respectable”.  

Real talk every time I start to warm up to BTS something like this happens. I blame their management for pushing this but my stomach legit flipped when I saw that preview :/

This. The thing is we will probably never know who is involved to what degree and who is against it. So there is a taint by default happening anyways.
And I am going to have to blacklist the whole group and individual members if I want to keep this off my dash sadly. The last thing I wanna see is fans being actually applauding this shit…

I take it none of the black people they’ll be hanging out with are, like, Donald Glover or Lupita Nyong’o or Eserpanza Spalding or Jessica Williams or something.

that would probably work against the “let’s make this a stupid and stereotyped and prejudiced as we can”-premise of the show…