Oct 21

I absolutely LOVE the pacing and the storytelling in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Oct 20

Anonymous said: hi :) I was wondering if we could talk about something if I came out of anon? I'm in a complicated situation and I don't have anybody to talk to so I was wondering if it was okay to go to you for advices? It's okay if you can't or don't want to tho, I would understand

Of course! Anytime. Really.

I am online quite irregularly atm because my sleeping rhythm is screwed up, but I’ll answer as soon as possible.

An you can be sure I would never publish anything on my blog that is private. Or if you are more comfortable with that you can send me an email address and I’ll mail you.

But anytime.



dareva replied to your post:Can I marry Jaesa please??? I really need to play…
I need to get my LS warrior up so I can meet LS Jaesa. I only know DS Jaesa and sometimes I feel like the only person who likes her (and doesn’t like her just because they view her as a sex object).

I like her both ways (but I never played her romance bc I simply can’t play male characters)
But LS Jaesa is such an idealistic darling… She is just so… good. All the way through. There is goodness coming out of her ears probably.
I am such a sucker for characters, that see how horrible the world is and chose to believe in goodness anyways. Not because they are naive (though that could be said about her in the beginning a bit) but because they feel it is necessary…

I have a lot of feelings about Jaesa…

Can I marry Jaesa please???

I really need to play a Juggernaut so I can run around with her for 2/3 of the game.