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Wow, his latest set of tweets does sound like a serious case of stockholm syndrome though…

Not that it would be surprising in his situation but damn.


things that no ones getting hype about that they should:

  • btob comeback






This was porn to me. 

this is porn

and then this happened

is that John Barrowman and James Marsters making out

… that is John Barrowman and James Marsers making out

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+ [Fansign] Fan: “Oppa, seeing you makes me happy.” Chanyeol: “I also feel happy, looking in the mirror.”


I wonder if he and Tao have tea parties where they discuss how perfect they are


John Epler’s twitter, though.

i am from the sjw bureau of problematic control. we noticed you reblogged something from someone who reblogged something from another user who is the distant third cousin of this fucked up person. we are writing your url down on a piece of paper and tying that piece of paper to the leg of a sea gull in the hopes that Obama gets it and sends the feds to take away your computer.
+ Anonymous


This is the greatest anon I’ve ever received


I 100% support Lee Hoo. I don’t really think he blackmailing people but it may be seen as that even though he’s not doing anything at all to benefit himself. He’s helping his fellow idols and all of this could really benefit the industry. Either these idols are gonna get more power, or these companies are start treating them with some human respect.

thisislucreziasand replied to your post “Did I read that correctly? He is taking over the company???”

omg what?! what did i miss?!

Junyoung is taking over Star Entertainment. I am still in shock.

Just how much dirt did he actually have on that CEO?

+ (NEW) 140922 Lee Hoo Twitter Update


To cap whats happening, Lee Hoo is taking over power of Star Empire Entertainment and will continue to expose the injustices of the industry. He is asking that you stay tuned and keep supporting ZE:A and himself!

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Did I read that correctly? He is taking over the company???