I may have a slightly unreasonable obsession with all of Shinee, SNSD's Jessica, Kyuhyun's voice and Donghae's... well, everything (including Eunhyuk ;) )
based on a true story


浜崎あゆみ | M (Acoustic Orchestra Ver.) | ayu-mi-x 4 

Song of the day #08


AAAAAAAGGGHHHHH I’m at IA chapter one finale and I was not prepared for this moral dilemma aaaaggghhhhhh WATCHER TWO HELPPPPPPPPP

That chapter broke my spirit. My Agent was so idealistic when I started and then this happened…

I said I’d do more progress shots.

So guess who…

American Fans: Can barely name all the members in One Direction
Kpop Fans: Can name all the members from at least 10 different groups, can identify them by voice, knows how old they are, knows each persons height in centimeters , and can identify what song was being promoted at that time by just looking at the hairstyle.
Jpop Fans: Let me tell you about AKB48


Well I just heard the announcer on the radio refer to Johnny Depp’s engagement ring as a “MANgagement” ring so I think I’ve had my daily dose of vitamin heterosexual

texturrrre. you’re tempting me to use corel draw at this rate.

It is really, really good when it comes to brushes and textures.

I am, btw, NOT producing painting after painting by the hour. ;) Even if my blog looks like it today. This is basically stuff I did over the past 3-4 months that I just hadn’t posted yet.

Samara, Mass Effect 2

i never got over how oil and digital paintings always start out such scary blobs. and omg you’re on a roll, this is delightful!

If I get my blobs wrong in terms of how the colours work together I can basically scrap the thing. The blobs are very important to me.
And thank you! That means a lot coming from you!

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